Non Directional Trading

Non Directional Trading

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How much money can I make trading online?
With our proven non directional trading method you can make on average 5% - 15% consistently every month

Q: Can I really make money without having to predict market direction?
Yes, predicting market directional is no longer needed. Surf this site and make sure you go thru those options video, in fact we predict where the market will not go and make money. Which is easier to do? we leave it to you to decide

Q: How much money will be required to start trading online?
A minimum of $5000 to open a account with Interactive Brokers or $3500 to open account with ThinkorSwim

We would suggest at least USD 10000 to start, this is a game play by professional. To play well, ensure you are not under capitalized.

Q: What market do you specialize in?
We trade Indexes like Emini S&P, ETF like QQQQ as well as floor traded commodities market like coffee, corn, copper, gold, silver, wheat, soybean

Q: I’m a total novice to option trading, how easy is it to follow your system?
We have made a real effort to make sure that our course fully and easily explains everything that you need to do. You may have to read a couple of basic options book to understand better but not neccessary, we have make it real simple for a beginner to follow

Q: Do I need follow any news or watch CNBC/CNN or do any technical analysis?
No in fact we will explain in my course why we do not follow news and minimum technical analysis will be required basically just a glance of the last 6 mths high and low. No technical indicator is required.

Q: You mention about Probability can you explain more?
We will show you how to perform a probability calculation and you will be able to know before you initiate any position what is your chances of winning the trade. We will only take trade that has 90% of winning

Q: Do I have to do lots of research before trading online?
No definitely not. Just follow our simple guideline and do a probability analysis and you are set to go. 

Q: Do I need to be glued to the screen all day?
No, not at all that is the wonder of this system. You choose the level you want to get in and you leave the order in switch off the screen and next day you will just check if your order is done. Just follow our guide to set email alerts so you can be aware if your price is breach.

Q: How long does your trading last, is it a day trading system?
This is not a day trading system, trade last usually 30 days to 90 days, the longer the safer which I will explain in my course why is that so.

Q: Is there any risk involved?
There is risk in any type of investment, risk is commensurate with reward and the high win percentage of our non directional trading. 

Q: How often do trades happen?
Trades happen every month your will have opportunities every month to make your 5% - 15%.

Q: Will I be required to buy any additional products from your company in order to be able to implement your strategy?
Absolutely not. We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services firm.

Q: Will I be left alone, is there any backup?
The method is so simple and everything you need is included but should you have any questions you can email us and we will do our best to reply ASAP.


Trading Methodology

Q: What exactly is your method of trading?
This is a Options Selling system that professional trader and market maker do not want you to know

Q: Can you tell me what is your trading method?
1) We sell strangle most of the time.

2) There is also a bonus technique which is the ratio spread (this is the only spread I use) which I prefer to call it a OPM (other people money) trade. This technique will blow your mind and it is presently here never been shown before.

A rolling / adjustment techniques will be taught.


Q: Naked selling has unlimited risk, isn't that dangerous?
With proper risk management naked selling is not as risky as it seem to be. Market makers like to give new trader the idea that naked selling is dangerous so new trader will not step into it.

When you buy a options, market maker is the one that is selling you the options, if it is dangerous why would the market maker doing it?

A rolling / adjustment techniques will be taught.

Q: How about credit spread or iron condor, is that non directional and safer?
That is the misconception a lot of people have, I will explain in my book what is the problem with credit spread or any kind of spread with the exception of OPM trade.



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"Losing money become difficult if you know the rules of the Game"

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